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  • All services are priced the same, following my “Name Your Own Price” policy.
  • All services can include hot towels as desired.
  • Customized draping options are available (sheets, blankets, towels, or whatever you prefer).
  • Slow relaxing music (but we can play anything you like).
  • Warm treatment room (usually 75-78 degrees), always adjustable for your comfort.
  • 2 hour session length is standard, but adjustable based on the situation.

Standard Swedish / Deep Tissue Massage

A relaxing and therapeutic massage customized to your specific needs. Pressure can be light or firm but the goal is always the same: to relax the muscle tissue, and to relax the whole body and mind. The whole body is treated using a slow speed to maximize the relaxation effect, combined with soft music, in a warm room (or cool if you prefer).

If you’re unable to lie face-up, or face-down comfortably, massage can be done in a side-lying position, or even seated. We will figure out a way to make you comfortable and make the session enjoyable.

Anxiety / Stress Management

As a massage therapist with anxiety issues of my own, I especially sympathize with people struggling with anxiety or stress disorders. These can have serious impacts on your quality of life. I use massage therapy to help manage my own anxiety and I encourage you to try it as well. I will work very slowly and methodically to maximize your relaxation. I won’t be digging into the muscles or causing you any pain. The nervous system will calm down, you will (hopefully) drift in and out of a state of consciousness, and by the end of the session, you should feel thoroughly and completely relaxed.

Lymphatic Massage

I am certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage using the Vodder technique, which is a specialized massage modality that is designed to move fluid from the interstitial area of the body (the area between cells) into the lymphatic transport vessels (kind of like veins, but they transport lymph fluid) back into the cardiovascular system so the kidneys can filter it out.

What this means for you is a reduction in water retention and a reduction in swelling or puffiness. MLD massage is generally used in the following situations:

  • Lymphedema (excessive swelling in the arms or legs)
  • Trauma (such as a sprained ankle or other event that results in swelling)
  • Orthopedic Surgery (post-surgical swelling and inflammation is very common)
  • Cosmetic Surgery (MLD can be started as early as the day after surgery to reduce swelling, pain, and speed recovery)
  • Situations where normal or firm pressure isn’t tolerable (severe risk of bruising, high risk of blood clots, sensitive skin, etc)
  • Inflammatory diseases (such as fibromyalgia)
  • Relaxation (MLD is actually one of the most relaxing types of massages you can receive)
  • Immune System Boosting (your lymphatic system is a large part of your immune system)
  • Detoxing (the lymphatic system is the “garbage collector” system of the body, removing junk molecules from the interstitial fluid and returning them to the cardiovascular system to be filtered out by the kidneys)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a VERY light pressure massage: I am not trying to manipulate the muscle tissue, I am focusing on the fluid and lymphatic vessels that lie directly under the skin. The pressure is very gentle (about 1 ounce or less). This makes it ideal for working over sensitive areas (where there is swelling or recent incisions). MLD is NEVER painful.

Post-Surgical Lymphatic Massage + Scar Tissue Mobilization

I have advanced training in post-operative lymphatic work and scar tissue mobilization. This type of massage can be started as early as Day 1 after your surgery. We will start with lymphatic work for the first few weeks to help reduce the swelling and pain, and speed your recovery. Sometime around week 3 we can begin working on the scar to help it stay soft and mobile, assist the scar tissue fibers in lying flat, avoid hypertrophic scarring and reduce the range-of-motion restrictions due to the scar tissue.

Depending on your surgery and symptoms, post-operative lymphatic massage can be done as often as 3x per week for the first month to be as effective as possible. It’s wise to schedule your sessions as soon as you know your surgical date to avoid scheduling issues.

Often after surgery, you will have restrictions such as the position you can lie in (such as no lying face-down). We will figure out whatever positioning is necessary so you can be comfortable during your massage. Pain in the hips, back, shoulders and neck is very common after surgery because of these limitations. Even if you are only able to lie face-up, the whole body can still be massaged by simply reaching underneath you, so I can also help relieve some of the pain associated with sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

I can help you manage the inflammation, swelling and pain associated with nearly any surgery. I can also help with scar tissue mobilization, helping to reduce restrictions and uncomfortable “tugging” of the scar tissue, and the limited range of motion often following many surgeries.

  • Orthopedic (knees, hips, shoulders, etc)
  • Face lifts
  • Breast augmentation or reduction
  • Breast cancer surgeries (masectomy or lumpectomy)
  • Abdominal surgeries (tummy tuck, skin removal after weight loss, colon surgery)
  • Liposuction (swelling and fibrosis is very common after liposuction)

You have already invested a lot of time, money, and emotional energy into your surgery, whether it was an elective procedure or not. This is not the time to give up. You need to follow through with your recovery to make sure you get the results you want!

I will follow your doctor’s or physical therapist’s orders, please bring your post-op restrictions and instructions with you to your appointment, or send them to me in advance. You may check with your doctor about receiving Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage after your surgery. If your doctor simply says “no massage”, make sure they understand this is not a normal massage; that the pressure is very light and it is only used to reduce swelling and discomfort. Many doctors are still unfamiliar with lymphatic massage and the post-op benefits it offers. I can talk to your nurse if there is any confusion about the service I provide! I want to work with your medical team to make sure we are all providing you the best service possible.

SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique)

I have basic training in SMRT involving the hands, arms, neck, and head. This is a very gentle technique that uses a passive movement (I make the movement for you) to take pressure off of a muscle which allows the nervous system to analyze the muscle and decide if it needs to be softened or toned. I’ve seen some pretty impressive results in loosening the neck muscles using this technique.


A shower is available if you want to come straight from work. I don’t care if you’re a little sweaty but sometimes it’s nice to receive a massage while feeling fresh and clean.




There are videos floating around Facebook and Instagram depicting incisional drainage that are using tags and descriptions that say “manual lymphatic drainage”. These are NOT Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Incisional drainage is a medical procedure that involves squeezing fluid out of your incision; this should NEVER EVER be done by a massage therapist and should ONLY be done in a medical facility by a trained nurse (or better yet – never done at all).

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a VERY light pressure, gentle massage that encourages the body’s own lymphatic system to absorb the excess fluid and discharge it through urination. It is never rough or painful. Just because it’s gentle doesn’t mean it isn’t effective: MLD can have INCREDIBLE results after just the first session. Your body has the ability to remove its own excess fluid – sometimes it just needs some help!