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I’ve been self-employed since I was a teenager when I started my own computer repair business. Homeschooled through high school and never attended collage, I taught myself how to repair computers, build networks, manage servers, program websites, and became an AT&T cell phone dealer. In 2006 I started working in the foreign exchange currency markets developing trade copiers, automated trading algorithms, and doing statistical analysis and performance testing of third party algorithms in the forex market.

At the peak of my career I had 4 small businesses and about 6 employees. I was working 13-hour days, 6 days a week, at full speed with few-to-no breaks, no vacations, and my task list never got smaller.

In 2010 the stress peaked and I crashed hard. There’s still some controversy about what exactly happened, but the best explanation has been “adrenal fatigue”. Basically my adrenal system stopped producing neurotransmitter hormones which resulted in severe brain fog and mental exhaustion. It was so bad that there were many days I was completely non-verbal. I would forget that I had the ability to change the channel on the TV and would get stuck watching the same channel all day.

Slowly, every business shut down because I couldn’t manage them. By 2014 the fatigue became so bad that all the businesses had closed and I had given up on working entirely. During those 4 years I saw 20 different doctors and specialists trying to get an answer to what was happening to me. I ended up with diagnoses of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, but these simply mean I had severe fatigue with no apparent cause.

In 2015 I met with a nutritionist who had a logical explanation (adrenal fatigue). I stopped all stimulants (sugar, caffeine, etc) and after 1 full year, I finally started to recover. Between 2016-2018 I very slowly recovered enough that I was able to move back to southeastern WI where I originally grew up.

During 2018-2020 I continued to recover very, very slowly. By the end of 2020 I was starting to consider a new career, but I knew it would need to be a very calm and relaxing job, with no stresses or pressure, or I will end up falling into the same trap again. I recalled how good I felt receiving back rubs at night as a child and decided that I wanted to help other people feel amazing too. Massage therapy was my new goal.

Attended school in 2021, graduated in September, got licensed in November and began working. My brain fog and fatigue is still quite limiting… I cannot handle a full time schedule, and I don’t think I would be able to commute to a job every day (regardless of distance). Working from home with a limited schedule has been an ideal situation for me as I continue to focus on my health and continue my recovery.

In 2022, I had a discussion with a friend of mine who is a medical doctor, and they suggested my symptoms point to an anxiety disorder. This had never occurred to me; I never experience an increased heart rate, have never had a panic attack, and don’t really feel “anxious”; but I do have significant difficulty with many small tasks (like washing dishes) and I am almost never able to make phone calls, I always communicate by text. These things feel very overwhelming to me, even though it makes no logical sense. The notion of having an anxiety disorder was completely foreign to me until this year, but now it starts to make a lot of sense.

I believe that I receive almost as much therapeutic benefit from giving a massage as I do by receiving a massage. This new career has been healing for my own soul while I help to relieve the pain and anxiety of others as well.

I feel bad for anyone who has read this far. Honestly, my main reason for writing this page is because it’s exhausting for me to repeat all of this for those who ask about my history and how/why I got into massage. I still struggle with verbal communication.