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Serving Racine and South Milwaukee
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Thursday thru Saturday

Name Your Own Price?!

Yes, name your own price! Pick a price that is reasonable AND affordable. Click here for the pricing policy.
My standard session is a 2-hour massage but shorter sessions are available if needed. 2 hours is an ideal amount of time to do a thorough job on the whole body.

Relaxation Massage

A slow, relaxation massage using light, medium or firm pressure to ease those tense muscles and help you let go of your stress.

I don't differentiate between "relaxation" and "deep tissue". I try to find a balance between working on your tense muscles while making the whole experience extremely relaxing.

Extra Perks

Hot towels, heated table, and a toasty warm room are just some of the extras you will enjoy. A far infrared sauna is also available for use before your massage to heat your muscles and prepare them for work. A choice of aromatherapy (lavender for relaxing, eucalyptus for breathing), an eye mask to deepen relaxation, and after your massage you have the choice to have all the oil wiped off so you don't need to shower when you get home.

Standard Relaxation Routine

In my standard relaxation routine, the entire body is treated with the utmost care.  I work on your back, neck and shoulders.  Hips, legs, arms and hands are never ignored.  It can be shocking how much stress the feet can hold so they get worked too.  A few lovely minutes of scalp massage, ears, and face.  Upper chest work is a necessity for people who work in a hunched-over position.  Unlike many therapists, I also include the abdominal area in my standard routine: this area includes 4 large muscles and the lower ribs and is vital to our core.

About Scott

Hello!  My name is Scott Wang (it’s a Norwegian name!).  I graduated school for massage therapy in 2021.  I work from home because of my health issues (see the long saga here).  I became a massage therapist because I needed a calm, relaxing career that was focused on helping other people and it was the best decision I have ever made.


What Makes Me Different

Every massage therapist is unique.  We all have our pros and cons, and not every therapist is an ideal fit for every person. Here are a few things that makes me different than many therapists:

  1. Level of communication – I take the time to have a detailed conversation at your first visit so I can figure out exactly how to help you the best.
  2. Comfort –  A heated room and well-cushioned, extra-wide table to maximize your comfort.
  3. I work the whole body equally: I don’t ignore or gloss over the glutes, the upper chest, or the abdomen.  I spend more than just a few seconds on your arms and hands.  Every muscle of your body is equally important.
  4. I’ll wipe off all the oil – but only if you want me to.  Don’t walk out of the treatment room feeling like you need to take a shower.
  5. More time between sessions allows me to spend more than 2 hours with you when needed.  No rush to get you on or off the table.
  6. Flexible schedule – if my standard days and times won’t work for you, we can talk about an alternative day or time.
  7. Flexible pricing – my primary goal is to make you feel amazing; being able to pay the bills is a bonus.

On June 20th, Tammy and I were in a bad car accident.  We are both very thankful to be alive.  Unfortunately, it is looking like the recovery process is going to take a while, so I have had to disable online booking for appointments.  Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when I am able to take appointments again.  I apologize for the inconvenience!